Surabaya Trip

It was an unplanned trip and was less than a month of research and preparation . We’ve decided to go somewhere when my best travel buddy decided to move on to something different. She resigned in her work and had moved out to the other part of the globe. We became close friends when we started traveling to other places. In addition to that she also did a great job being my motivator to run a marathon and to join obstacle races. That day came, when we need to say goodbye. We’ve decided to make it memorable for the last but not really the last time. 

So here we were at Surabaya! My heart sometimes felt heavy the moment I remember that that would be our last trip together but the magnificent sunrise and amazing view took it all out, freed our hearts and minds at that very moment. We enjoyed the place and we enjoyed the company as always.


The view from the crater of Mt. Bromo

Mt. Bromo Sunrise. One of the must see and must do when visiting Surabaya is the magnificent sunrise in Mt. Bromo.

Getting There and Tips:

1. From Surabaya Airport, take airport shuttle to Bungurasih bus terminal (30k IDR).

2. Take bus to Probolinggo (30k IDR).

3. Take a bus to Cemoro Lawang (small minivan). Take note the minivan will leave when full or the fare of 15 pax (full capacity of the van) to be divided of the riding passengers. For us, since only the 2 of us were the passengers that time, we paid for (150k IDR) going to Yoschi Hotel, our accommodation in Cemoro Lawang.

4. Sunrise hikes starts as early as 3am. If you know the way, there must be no problem in hiking. Don’t forget to bring headlamp, food and of course you camera.

5. We stayed in Yoschi Hotel, quite far from the entrance. It was an hour ride to the starting point. We booked for a 4×4 ride towards the base for 100k IDR per person. The ride was shared with other tourists. We came out exactly 3am and turned out that the 2 other passengers were late for 30 minutes. We started to worry if we can still catch up the sunrise but thanks still we did.

6. Upon reaching the start off point of Mt Bromo, we started walking around 4am and reached to the top in an hour. The peak can get very crowded so find your best spot while it’s still early.

7. You can surely bring foods to eat while waiting for the sunrise or grab some along the way to the peak.

8. Have fun picknicking at the top. Stay for a little while until the crowd gone off to get a nice spot for picture taking. I’ll tell you, the moment with the sea of clouds is amazing.

9. Head back to the smoking crater in about 20 minutes ride. Take a cheap horse ride to the peak of the crater or you can always take a hike and climb the stairs to the the top. The view here is  so amazing. So be prepared with your camera for picture taking.

10. Don’t forget to bring with you a face mask as the place can get so smoky and dusty.

11. Get back to the hotel. Now, it’s time for you to enjoy your breakfast before packing to your next destination.


It got me time to reflect early in the morning on the way back.

Mt. Ijen Crater. Another place to hike & explore when in Surabaya is the stunning Blue flames in Mt. Ijen in Banyuwangi. The Kawah Ijen volcano is filled with sulfur, when it burns, the blue flames appear – stunning to see in the dark. But the place might not be very good to be flocked with a lot of tourists as it will distracts the local miners in the area. A hike of more or less 3 hours going to the crater.

Getting There and Tips:

1. Book a public transpo from your hotel. Usually, the hotel will arrange a jeepney for the tourists to share with. During off peak season, you can hire an Ojek – motorcycle with the driver for 250k IDR back & forth.

2. Entrance fee:

Foreigners : Weekdays – 100 000 IDR      Weekends – 150 000 IDR

Indonesians : Weekdays – 15 000 IDR      Weekends – 25 000 IDR

3. Bring or rent a mask to cover your nose from the sulfur gases over the area. N95 mask will do.

4. Don’t forget to bring headlamp as you’ll start to hike while it’s still dark around 2am to arrive to the crater before 5am to get the best view of the blue flames.

5. The place might get very cold,so prepare your jacket.

6. Don’t be too harsh in climbing up or going down to the crater as the way is just too narrow and a lot of people coming up & down including the local miners carrying heavy rocks in their shoulders. Please give way and be considerate to these local miners and prioritize them when encountering some. Loose rocks may fall anytime, so please be careful, it is always not good to hurt anyone.

7. Enjoy the view above when the sun started to shine.

8. Take amazing photos along the way while going back to the entrance.

9. Time to get back to your hotel. Pack up & prepare yourself to your next destination. You can either head back to Surabaya and take the train in the morning or head down to Bali by ferry!

Have fun & Cheers!

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